• Martinist order regalia

    Martinist order regalia

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    The Operative Martinist Orderof synarchic constitution, is a co-educational initiatic college dedicated to high studies and to the practice of traditional sciences. Our temple works in the spirit of the most ancient tradition in order to perpetuate the teachings and the initiatic discipline that will allow its initiates to acquire the Keys of Knowledge and to consciously work toward the act of Universal Reconciliation.

    It also includes a preparatory degree, called Chamber of Instruction. Because of some circumstances out of our control, we have to discontinue a important part of our martinist products collection. Therefore, all our products made in pewter will not be renewed. We invite all our customers that can afford it to take this opportunity to make a beautiful collection of those products while they are still available. We invite all the persons in charge of a Martinist Order or of an initiatic group to acquire all the paraphernalia and the products they will need in the future.

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    martinist order regalia

    Click here to discover the new Ieshouah pantacle. Click her to discover this unique and exclusive item, essential to all initiates. Cliquez ici pour voir The black and white operational cloth is finally back! Click here to see. Welcome to the Operative Martinist Order's website.

    Unfortunately, there is no english lodge available for the moment. La Direction. Fraternally before the sacred flambeaux. The Direction.

    Martinism from its origins to the present day - O.M.T.

    An exclusive and unique item! Visit our shop for more informations.Its beautiful teachings and rites instruct us in how to achieve the act of living harmoniously within the Way of the Heart.

    While all Martinists are encouraged to particpate in the Initiatic Work that takes place within a Heptad or Atelier, the Traditional Martinist Order also offers a Home Oratory Program for those who may prefer this method of study.

    As a Martinist, my desire is to return to that divine state through reintegration with the Divine and doing my best to be an agent of Omneity. I learned to remain silent and unknown when assisting someone in need without expecting anything in return and to serve when called upon. This also means personal sacrifice which is truly humbling. Such privilege should astonish you less, however, than your ability to commence building it down here, your ability, in fact, to adorn it at every moment of your existence.

    Remember the saying 'as above, so below', and contribute to this by making 'as below, so above'. The Martinist Community. Featured Videos. Martinism from its Origins to the Present Day. Le Martinisme, une voie initiatique.

    What is the Traditional Martinist Order? We invite you to learn more. Reflections on being a Martinist The Martinist Pantacle!Your blog is very interesting! Links to specific statements by Solovyov concerning Steiner are very deeply appreciated.

    martinist order regalia

    Many Thanks. Comments will not appear immediately, so be patient. I am forced to laboriously screen every post because I am constantly bombarded with spam. Anonymous postings on Masonic topics have the same status as cowans and eavesdroppers as far as I am concerned. If you post with an unknown or anonymous account, do not expect to see your comment appear. Sunday, August 10, Hermetic Order of Martinists.

    Most American Masons and non-Masons alike have rarely, if ever, heard of the Martinists. Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin was a poor French nobleman who was born in As a young believer in mysticism, he traveled throughout Europe, making many converts.

    He was briefly imprisoned during the French Revolution, but survived because local authorities were in desperate need of schoolteachers.

    Louis-Claude was only too happy to oblige and become one.

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    Study groups began to pop up, called the Society of the Unknown Philosopher. Gerard Encausse who went by the name of Papus resurrected. Because of Saint-Martin, they came to call themselves Martinists. Not surprisingly, there was much crossover between the usual suspects involved in 19th century esotericism: Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Gnostics, and these new Martinists.

    InEncausse formed a mystery school called the Ordere Martinist, and bythere were chapters in a dozen countries, with hundreds of members. World War I killed off the principal leaders of the Order, and the central organization dissolved. But a small sect of Martinists became enamored with a movement called Synarchyan attempt to influence European countries by means of secretive, philosophical societies. A small clot of enthusiastic Martinists got excited at the prospect of infiltrating the governments of Europe, most especially the notion of restoring the monarchy in France, and formed the Ordre Martiniste Synarchie.

    There are several groups of Martinist-derived orders around the world today. The Traditional Martinist Order had made its way to the U. They cover a broad range of philosophies and disciplines, with some incorporating Rosicrucian influences, some borrowing from the Memphis-Mizraim branch of Freemasonry.Martinist ring of incredible quality, made in 10k massive gold, and weights between 20g and 23g.

    This magnificent jewelry, decorated with the sacred Martinist pantacle, perfectly designed, representing the Soverain Architect of the Universe, releases a truly exceptional vibrational radiation. The harmony created between the ring and its owner works like a true talisman, and assures a true protection.

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    Highly symbolic and magic, the cordelier is known and used since the human being has been awaken to the divine. We can assure without any doubt that its functions are primordial in the great majority of magical rites, theury, or simply for prayer and meditation.

    One of its main function is to filter the emotional energy coming from the chakra. Our cordeliers are 8ft. Designed and made by Initiates, braided by hand, and composed of quality wool. Its x-crossed design assures a maximum efficiency to its owner. Indeed, it is not recommended to use braided cordeliers sold in store for curtains purposes, as they don't have the same efficiency because of tis material and their purpose.

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    The Dragon, symbol of Strength and Wisdom in many initiatic traditions, has a special place inside Alchemy. It is the symbol of the Mercure, or the spiritual strength locked inside the matter, that the Artist has to free. It is the guardian of the underground treasures, which spits a fire that can melt even the hardest metal. For this occasion, we offer you this pin, universal symbol of Strength, and mark of the Alchemists.

    Made of pure pewter, gold plated. Exclusive model available for Free-Masons Initiates, limited edition. Gold-plated pewter. Exclusive model available only from our site, limited edition. Of exceptional design, made to be inlayed on a gavel. Made in gold-plated pure pewter. This high protection medallion can also be used to ornate a small box, woodwork, pilgrim walking stick, furniture etc. The very first Martinist S.

    Medallion Pin ever designed and crafted to this day. Exclusive model only to this site. Light holder in metal gold plated. Designed to hold the votive of a private sanctuary or of a Temple, for a candle for prayer or meditation, can also hold a small incense burner.Its name is derived from that of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, a great mystic and powerful Illuminist living in France in the s.

    He wrote many books under the name of "The Unknown Philosopher" concerning our nature and our relationship to the universe. Through him, the Traditional Martinist Order is linked to a tradition with roots going back to the Primordial Tradition, at a time when humanity was privileged to unite itself freely with the Divine, without any intermediary. Martinists study the natural relationships that exist between the Divine, the Universe, and Humanity. The universe and humanity form a whole, two progressions linked one to the other and evolving together.

    If we wish to understand our true nature we must look toward the Divine, says Saint-Martin, for "we can only read ourselves in the Divine, only understand ourselves in the Divine splendor. We have, to some degree, fallen asleep to the spiritual world.

    Our inner Temple is in ruins. To become a Martinist is to undertake the reconstruction of the Inner Temple. The Martinist relies on two pillars to build this everlasting Temple—that of initiation and that of the Martinist teachings. Initiation denotes the beginning of this great work, for it is at this moment that we receive the seed of light that constitutes the foundation of our work. It is then up to us to work to bring into being this light and make it shine. Worldly initiations are a necessary preliminary to Martinists, though we see them as earthly representations of a greater transformation.

    There is no other mystery in arriving at this holy initiation than to delve further and further into the depths of our being, and not let go until we can bring forth the living, vivifying root, because then, all the fruit which we ought to bear, according to our kind, will be produced within and without ourselves naturally. The teachings represent to a Martinist the nourishment necessary for the growth of the seed received during initiation.

    To all those interested in pursuing the Martinist teachings, we offer an Oratory or Home Study program. This type of membership entitles you to receive four Martinist discourses every month, to be studied in a manner that will be indicated to you.

    Martinism - List of Martinist Orders

    Although self- initiation is not part of the Martinist system of study, you will receive a ritual to mark the beginning of each level in your Oratory work. Oratory study will familiarize you with the theoretical teachings of the TMO, however it will not offer the three traditional initiations, which confer upon you the status of a true Martinist initiate.

    Instead you become a student of Martinism.

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    You may apply to become a student of Martinism at www. The traditional method of Martinist membership is offered through initiation and learning in a Martinist Heptad. Work in the Heptad is conducted in the strictest traditional manner, and initiations are conferred with the active physical presence of the candidate and an initiator, who is an officer duly initiated and empowered by the directives of the Martinist Tradition to initiate others.

    This form of affiliation is open to those who are able to attend the meetings or classes, called "conventicles," which are held monthly at a local Heptad. These meetings are conducted in the Heptad temple, and include a Martinist ritual followed by an active discussion among class members and the class master of the concepts presented in the Heptad discourse. Members who complete their studies and initiations in the Heptad, which takes a minimum of six years, become full-fledged initiates in a chain of Light extending back to Louis Claude de Saint-Martin himself.

    Once you have been accepted as a member of the Grand Heptad, please join us at www. Membership in a local group may require modest dues to help support the expenses of the local Heptad or Atelier. Such privilege should astonish you less, however, than your ability to commence building it down here, your ability, in fact, to adorn it at every moment of your existence.

    Remember the saying 'as above, so below', and contribute to this by making 'as below, so above'.

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    The Martinist Community. The Traditional Martinist Order is an Initiatic Order and a school of moral chivalry with its roots in the Western esoteric tradition.This extensive heritage of initiations, instructions, practice and texts is organized in a manner that respects the distinctive characteristics of the traditions, but also perceive them as branching streams from one common source, with a common destination.

    We represent the relationship between these branches as a candelabra; one luminary or flambeaux, that dispels the same darkness and where the same fire burns. In this manner the Voie Cardiaque constitutes a cornerstone in the work, and also a common ritual and social meeting-place for all members of the Order, regardless of degree and branch. All the degrees of the order are open for both men and women, and so the three teaching-systems are now made available for all who are willing to work through the tasks of the initiations, and perceive and manifest their central Mystery.

    martinist order regalia

    Andrew degrees, indicated by the ribbon on the Candelabra-table. The Order considers this Mystery its most precious inheritance, and perceives all further degree-work as a deepening of its realization. It is neither a sociable society, a movement or a religious community, but a community of independent mystics who study an esoteric initiatory path together with fellow peers.

    The tradition of Orders is ancient, and have a long history in Europe as well as the East, where systems of teaching, practice and initiations traditionally are organized and conveyed in monasteries and secular orders from different religions and beliefs. Martinism is not a monastic tradition, but a lay-order, that does not prescribe any form of asceticism, but rather an anchoring of the spiritual life in the mundane life, and seeking a harmony between them both in their interdependency.

    The teachings and initiations of the Order are secret, and so is the identity of its members. Upon entering the Order, an oath of silence is sworn. All members are free to state that they are martinists and members of the order, and should always keep their life-partners informed. At the same time must it be respected that others may want to keep this private. The oath of silence regarding the initiations and teachings are due to the rituals being formed to gradually unveil parts of oneself in a certain order.

    If their contents are known beforehand, they will not have the same effect as when experiencing them for the first time. The reason for the initiations being conferred in degrees or grades, is that by them one works with different elements of oneself, in a gradual unfolding and discovery of what one is. The knowledge of the system is built gradually, and can therefore be compared to grades in a school, with a pedagogical purpose and structure.

    Admission into the order takes place after an independent application for membership. After a series of discussions, where the applicant may mutually come to know the order, and following a written application, the order will discuss if it can provide what the applicant is seeking. If it is consented to, an initiation into the first degree is held, where the Initiate begins his or her studies and practice.

    Further initiations are only conferred in recognition of actual development, and the ability to manifest this in ones life, not based on seniority, time nor dues.

    martinist order regalia

    As the order is a non-profit organisation, there are no dues for membership. Local expenses for meetings, regalia and initiations are covered by the members themselves, and these local dues are continually adjusted to reflect the actual expenses the Temple has.

    The Order and its administration have no paid positions, and does not receive any funding from neither members nor local units. Membership in the Order does not involve any commitments in the neither the private nor professional life of the individual, but requires an active participation in both ones own and the common spiritual work.This blog post brings us to the final section on the Martinist Order Review.

    As you know, I am presently doing the Reviews of the Rosicrucian Orders. This section is an installment of the Martinist Review and is dedicated to its Pansophy score. For later comers, the earlier Martinist Order posts were:. Each section added to the traditional score upon which any Rosicrucian Order is judged.

    Are the modern Rosicrucian Orders so different from the original one described in the manifestos? It would seem so far that the Martinist Order has done particularly well. The first blog post revealed the Rosicrucian connection to the M. Not only that, but that the founders behind the Martinist Order also taught that LCM himself founder of Martinism was, according to them, actually initiated into a secret Rosicrucian brotherhood discretely called the R.

    The second blog post examined the Christianity of the Rosicrucians vs. It turned out that Gnosticism and Rosicrucian ideas were not at all the same. Rosicrucians adore Nature, and Sophia. Gnostics saw Nature as a prison and blamed Sophia for the Fall of Man. As it turned out, the Christian cosmology of the Martinist is identical to the Rosicrucian, but missing just a few Hermetic forms.

    The third blog post was my favorite. Due to the presence of the alchemical teachings from Fulcanelli and Cagliostro, as well as the magical theurgy of the Elu Cohens in some branches i t was revealed that some Martinist Orders have very strong magical, cabalistic and alchemical teachings, clearly proving it has the three arts studied by early Rosicrucians.

    Pansophy vs. Theosophy was the last blog post dedicated to uncovering the Reintegration legend of the Martinist. Indeed any Order under review could hardly do better. O stands up against the Pansophy test, worth 30 points.

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    Pansophy itself consist of three main qualities that make it truly Pansophic. The first of these is that Pansophy aims towards a utopian future for humankind.

    Thus the Rosicrucians did not only consider the restoration of occult wisdom, but also envisioned a new age for humankind.


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