• Romanian ak stock set

    Romanian ak stock set

    Stocks and Furniture Sets

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    RTG Parts is committed to keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of customer service. We believe we offer the best combination of value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community.

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    Contact Us Quick View. Barrel Components. Bolt and Recoil Assembly. Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware. Fire Control Group. Flash Hider and Muzzle.

    Gas System. Mags and Pouches. Receiver and Build Parts. AK47 Milled Specific. AKM Specific. AK74 Specific.This master crafted set is an ideal enhancement to any Romanian AK if you want to maintain its original elegance.

    Every set is hand picked to ensure that there is a consistant finish, front to back. The handguard is designed with a palm swell for optimum comfort and handling and has a pre-drilled hole to accommodate the cleaning rod. The pistol grip comes complete with new production grip screw, washer and bushing ensuring proper installation.

    The buttstock comes with a preinstalled metal buttplate and metal side sling swivel and includes all the hardware needed for installation. The purchasing some of the items in our store are regulated by Federal laws and local restrictions. Rules and Restrictions The purchasing some of the items in our store are regulated by Federal laws and local restrictions. All FFL rules apply.

    Please check your local State and Federal law before purchase. All firearms purchases will be shipped to FFL dealers only and you will need to pass a background check before you can receive the firearm from your dealer of choice.

    No Semi-Auto rifles. No M Bolts. No Ammo without a FFL. Connecticut: No Semi-Auto rifles. As of September 1st we will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws. Buffer springs and ajustable gass blocks are sold for use in pistols and non-rifle firearms only.

    Florida: As of September 1st we will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws. Hawaii: No Pistol Mags over 10rds. No Ammo. Maryland: No Handguns. No Hi-Cap Mags over 20rds. Massachusetts: No Handguns. New York State: No Handguns.Choose from traditional wood stocks with or without thumbholes, or more modern tactical designs featuring collapsible or folding stocks.

    Ordering online is easy, just add products to your cart and checkout! Or, give us a call at and let us help you complete your order! Nav Menu 2. Gift Certificate.

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    Purchase a gift certificate for the amount of your choosing! Screw for plastic buttstocks. Flat head. Original screw for East German side folding stocks. Includes ONE screw. Color may vary. In Stock. US Made AK grip.

    AK47 BakeLite Style Stock Set From Atlantic Firearms

    Available in 2 popular colors. May be Philips or Flat Head. Fits slim Hungarian pistol grip. Compatible with most AK variants.

    Attaches pistol grip to receiver. Nut style may vary but will work for most AK variants. Vepr thumb hole stock cap and screw.

    Romanian Wood Furniture Set with Dong Handguard

    Strike Industries Featureless Grip. Early style Polish Bakelite pistol grip. Grip is less coarse than newer production Polish grips. Aftermarket polymer AKM buffer tube. Commercial spec. Will fit most stamped receiver rifles. Chinese pistol grip metal cap.Input WASR COM is created by and for AK enthusiasts. If you have WASR info or photos or useful links you'd like to share please email us and we'll put it on the site or link to it!

    romanian ak stock set

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    romanian ak stock set

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    Official Soviet Manual. Bulldog Tactical AK Case. Tapco Retaining Plate.

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    Sponsored Link. Romanian AK47 Bayonet 1st Pattern. AK Field Manual.From the famous TAPCO brand, TimberSmith is a division that is renowned for offering only the best in premium and high-quality wooden rifle stocks for enthusiasts who are looking to restore their firearm back to the time of its original prestige. TimberSmith is known for being incredibly dedicated when it comes to providing their loyal customers with only the highest quality concerning wooden rifle stocks on the market today.

    TimberSmith has pledged a vow to its customers, which is to provide wooden rifle stocks for individuals who are not prepared to accept anything less than the best.

    Which means these fantastic TimberSmith AK wood stock sets are above and beyond second place. The brand new laminate wood stock from TimberSmith has already reached an abundance of stores across the country and have proven to be exceptionally popular with many firearm enthusiasts; especially those who are looking for something eye-catching and high-quality to customise their rifle with.

    Since the TimberSmith AK wood stock set and manufactured and produced in the US, it means that they count for r compliance.

    With a smooth finish that is consistent, high-quality and durable from front to back these fantastic AK wood stock sets from TimberSmith will set your rifle apart all the rest. Especially when these sets give you a great excuse to replace the aging wood that you have on your rifle right now. TimberSmith we incredibly proud to introduce their unique AK stock set, which has been designed and manufactured primarily to fit most AK variants.

    The AK Grip featured in the set comes complete with production grip screws, busher, and washer to allow for correct and secure installation. The handguard has been designed with a palm swell for the highest levels of comfort and handling. The buttstock featured in the set comes with a solid steel sling swivel and includes all the hardware you will need for quick and easy installation. The TimberSmith AK Stock Set comes complete with both an upper and lower handguardin the form of a pistol grip, and also a buttstock, respectively.

    Every stock set is specially hand picked to make sure that there is a guaranteed and consistent finish, from back to front, respectively.

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    Ratings Snapshot. Would recommend this product. Please be aware that there may be a delay in shipping. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the product. Description TimberSmith AK Wood Stock Set From the famous TAPCO brand, TimberSmith is a division that is renowned for offering only the best in premium and high-quality wooden rifle stocks for enthusiasts who are looking to restore their firearm back to the time of its original prestige.

    Specially designed to fit Romanian AK variants of rifle.

    romanian ak stock set

    High-quality laminate upper and lower handguard. High-quality laminate pistol grip, comes with grip screw, bushing and washer. High-quality laminate buttstock, includes steel buttplate plus sliding swivel. Pre-drilled cleaning rod hole. Beautiful AK Stock Set. Date: August 12, This AK Stock Set set was purchased as a gift. The finish on this stock is excellent, and the color is fantastic for those that like a deep red color.

    It has a beautiful satin sheen which is what the recipient of the gift wanted. If you like a deep red satin finish, then this is for you. The quality of the wood is excellent.

    No dings, dents, or defects that I can see.

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    Overall I am delighted with the quality fit and finish of this stock set and would suggest it to anyone looking for a great replacement stock set. Great AK Furniture at a great price. Gerald San Agustin. Date: July 25, The AK replacement rifle stocks we carry are very durable and strong and designed to attach easily and fit most common AK receivers without modification. The AK rifle stocks for sale at Carolina Shooters Supply will help redefine the human interface with your AK platform and give you a better experience.

    One of these stocks will help to reduce movement and allow for easier shoulder transitions and a better fit when using body armor. We have great stocks to buy that will suit any mission, from hunting to plinking, tactical training to competition shooting. Customize your gun to meet your needs with the competitive prices only offered at Carolina Shooters Supply!

    If you have any questions about our line of stocks, feel free to reach out. Screw for wood buttstock RPK 3 needed for stamped, 2 needed for milled. Use these authentic screws for any AK woodset.

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    US made Original AK47 style design with storage compartment. US made Original AK47 style design. Don't forget your KAK-Tube sold separately. Optional cheek rest sold separately. Good quality wood stock set for your AK.

    romanian ak stock set

    Easy to refinish if you want to change color. This product can be mounted to AK rifles with side folding receivers and a side folding trunnion. This product can be mounted with all External or Internal blocks.

    Please click on the picture to select your stock length options. Shop By Category. KAK 1.Romanian Military Surplus furniture sets. Condition of parts, wood colors, and trench art may vary. Some parts may be in limited quantities. All sales are final. My order came very quickly which was nice. The furniture is a beautiful dark red and it perfectly matches the pistol grip that I received. I did have a little trouble attaching the stock to my AK but with a little sanding down it fit and looks exponentially better than the thumbhole stock that was previously on it.

    Awesome battle worn look and has some engravings on the lower handguard. Wood is in great shape, has a lot of character, and is a matching set.

    Took minor trimming and filing to fit my VSKA, which was absolutely expected. Would definitely recommend to others, and I hope to possibly get my hands on some more of these furniture sets. Time to shark fin cut this beauty. Cleaned up real nice the wood was in good shape thanks let me know when more come in.

    Express orders placed after 12pm will not be shipped until the following business day. Width: View basket Checkout. New Wishlist. Make wishlist public. Create Wishlist. Description Description Romanian Military Surplus furniture sets. Fair Condition Limit 3 per customer.

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    Reviews 5 Write a Review. Show more. Write a Review Name:. Email Address:. Related Products. Quick View. Condition of parts may vary. Colors may vary. Colors may vary by country of origin Romanian, Polish It is a federal


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